1. What is Webfeepay.com?

Webfeepay.com is the leading provider of reliable, secure electronic payment options to government and other entities. Webfeepay.com's proven, trusted Internet payment portal enable citizens to pay everything from tax bills to parking citations, using their credit or debit cards.

2. How is Webfeepay.com affiliated with the government?

Webfeepay.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Business Information Systems' Online Services. Webfeepay.com has contracts with local government entities. These contracts enable Webfeepay.com to collect and process citizens' tax and other payments on behalf of these entities. Because we work directly with the government agency, your payment is made securely and swiftly, with no delay in processing.

3. What do you mean by local payments?

Local payments include everything from property and real estate taxes to utility bills to parking and traffic citations.

4. How does the payment process work?

Once you submit your payment information to us, your credit or debit card issuer authorizes it and we send it to the government or other entity. Separately, the convenience fee (minus the processing fees) is sent to the Webfeepay.com account.

5. If I paid my taxes through Webfeepay.com, do I still have to file the associated paper form?

Each entity has different requirements on the filing of the associated paper forms, and you should check with the government agency to determine their requirements for filing the associated forms.

6. Why should I use Webfeepay.com to make a payment to a government or other entity using a credit or debit card?

Charging your payments on your credit or debit card is fast, convenient, and easy. It helps you defer the payment, giving you flexibility in your cash-flow management. And, if you participate in rewards programs offered by your card issuer, you actually earn rewards for your payments.

7. What cards are accepted for payment?

Discover, VISA, AMEX, MC

8. What browsers does Webfeepay.com support?

Supports Browsers Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari

9. Who do I contact if I have any questions or need help?

If you have any questions or need help please contact the entity you are trying to pay for (e.g. Washington County, TN).